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On these pages you will be challenged to have the courage to move beyond just breathing, and truly start living. You will learn to:

• Rise above average.
• Awaken to life.
• Open your eyes to God’s purpose.
• Align your life with the supernatural.
• Fulfill your destiny
• Become alive, alert, and overflowing!
– plus much more.

Most important, you will discover how to apply amazing principles and truths to your daily walk, including becoming Spirit reflected, Spirit empowered, and a courageous worshiper.

Says the author, “God has an exciting plan for you. And with this plan He will also provide you with power, purpose, and protection. I pray these words will cause you to welcome a divine transformation in your life today. May your hunger for the Lord increase with such intensity that you become unstoppable in the work of the kingdom.”

The Courage To Live

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