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God Has a Fresh Word for His People Every Day!


Fresh Manna! What in the world does an Old Testament story about manna being rained down from heaven have to do with the New Testament church? It has a lot to do with it! God in his infinite wisdom uses many stories from the Old Testament to teach and to mature his people, and the story of the Manna is no different. God provided for Israel for 40 years in the desert as they had no other source that could provide for them. God in his sovereignty provided Manna. As a matter fact, it would rain from heaven every night and when they woke up in the morning manna would be all over the ground. They had strict instructions about how to use the manna. They could take as much as they wanted, but they couldn’t store any for the next day. If they tried to save it, it would rot because God had promised them that every day he was going to give them fresh Manna. That’s how God wants to walk with people today every day with a fresh word. Every day a fresh relationship. Every day fresh Grace from heaven. We’re never supposed to live on what we had yesterday. We are not supposed to live with the anxiousness of tomorrow, we are to live one day at a time. In this devotional, there’s a fresh word for every day! My hearts desire is that you’ll find this to be challenging encouraging and life-giving, equipping you with the tools to mature and grow in the things of God! The prayer is that it will be a catalyst for you to walk in everything God has for you and always to anticipate fresh Manna for each day!

60 Days of Fresh Manna

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